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Certified Nursing Assistants are in high demand in the various medical settings. It’s a rewarding career that requires little schooling, but has many opportunities. When pursuing a certification in nursing, it is important to seek out a program that will work for you, and provide the skills and knowledge needed to pass the CNA exam and skills tests. When it comes to selecting your CNA certification classes, you have many options to fulfill the “theory” side of your education.

Training Options

First, you can opt to find CNA classes that provide both the didactic (hands on) training, as well as the theory. There are many options in most areas for these all purpose courses. Many hospitals offer a CNA course that covers all areas of study, while allowing the students to transition into a position in their facility. It is not uncommon for area high schools to offer courses to high school seniors. These courses consist of a class period in the school to cover the theory, then a two to three hour didactic session to work on skills. Recently Red Cross started offering nurse assistant programs in larger areas to help fulfill the workforce needs. Last, there are courses available at community colleges for the general public to take. These are all great options for people who may not have a great opportunity to practice clinical skills on their own.

Online CNA Classes

The second option to gain your Certified Nursing Assistant certification is to utilize one of the many online programs to cover the theory side of your education. These programs typically run 3-6 weeks. It’s a great option for those with a bit of previous medical assistant knowledge, but it does have the drawback of not offering the didactic training. Those that use this route can contact local healthcare facilities to get hands on medical assistant training, or could practice skills on their own on a willing family member.


When finished with a CNA course, the process to gain certification is relatively simple. First, find a testing center. The test is split into two segments, one segment for theory, one segment for hands on skills testing. After passing the test, review state requirements for claiming your certification. After becoming certified, connect with local hospitals and nursing facilities to find a position. Depending on the area, a Certified Nursing Assistant can expect to make $20,000 to $35,000 annually. It is a stable career path that offers many opportunities both educationally and in continued employment.

Expert Author

Sarah Riggs has worked in the healthcare industry as a CNM for 6 years. She got her start as a CNA working in nursing homes. Finding employment in healthcare very rewarding she went back to school and got her associates degree. She is currently working as a Certified Nurse Midwife 4 days a week and enjoys free lance writing in her spare time.